Buy the latest BBQ at Haslemere Garden Centre, Surrey. Why risk buying online, when you can come and see the range, touch and feel, take away today and not wait in for a delivery, and then have to get rid of a pallet from the online company!

BBQ Accessories, Charcoal and Gas

A fantastic range of BBQ accessories including all the barbecue tools, gas and solid fuel including briquettes or lump wood charcoal. For when the BBQs is not in use we also have a range of BBQ covers to protect it from the elements.

Charcoal Grills BBQs

For the purest barbecue chef you can’t beat the unique flavour a charcoal barbecue adds to your cuisine. Charcoal is not the most convenient BBQ for speed and lighting when compared to a modern gas grill BBQ, however, if you enjoy the smokey flavour and the culinary journey this is the one for you.

There are many types of charcoal grills from the smaller cheap disposable to portable camping barbecues.  For a mid to high-end BBQ, there is plenty of choice and styles from the classic Kettle charcoal BBQ including the Weber Master Touch and Original to the latest designs and built-in models.

Gas BBQs

Get cooking in an instant, Gas BBQs are so easy, just turn on the gas press the ignite button. There is a mass of gas barbecues to choose from, varying in quality, functionality and budget. The cheaper gas BBQs can be very basic and although they do an adequate job for the money, they tend not to cook as evenly and have a much shorter lifespan.

Better quality Gas BBQs can be a better investment. Often being made with stainless steel grills, bases and hoods which won’t corrode. Additionally, the design and weight of the BBQ grill give a more even cook. Many of the latest gas barbecues also come with some great gadget features, such as LED light controls for night time barbecuing, built-in heat probes to make you the best chef… no need to tell your mates how you did it!

Dual Fuel BBQs

The best of both worlds, gas and charcoal dual fuel BBQs. If in a rush, just use the gas, if entertaining and making an afternoon of it, use the charcoal to add the smokey flavour, while using the gas to keep food warm or precook. A dual fuel BBQ offers the garden Chef endless options!

Smoker BBQs

Smoker Barbecues are perfect for slow cooking or curing through direct or indirect heat. Choose from a range of wood chips to add your desired flavour. Come and check out our range at Haslemere Garden Centre.

Firebowls by Kadai

These beautiful Original Kadais are up to 100 years old all with their unique character from years of use as cooking bowls at weddings and festivals across India. Hand-picked in Rajasthan by Christo from Kadai and are available in sizes from 60cm – 170cm diameter.

Alternatively, the Kadai Recycled Kadais are copies of the Original Kadai, made from recycled steel oil drums by the same caste of skilled craftsmen in Rajasthan as the originals. Available in 60cm, 70cm and 80cm diameter. 5 Year Warranty Available.

Wilstone Kadais are hand-beaten from one piece of thick mild steel to form this beautiful bowl with robust, hand-forged handles to give a slightly more sophisticated look. Available in 60cm, 70cm and 80cm diameter. 5 Year Warranty Available.

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